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Make Tea Not War

Living is easy with eyes closed

Welcome to world of awesomeness! everything is awesomesauce!!!

some awesome quotes from awesome people:
The Four Year Old Hot Chocolate:
Barbara: I just thought I should warn you, that hot chocolate was found in the trunk of Jackie's Car.
Me: Really? (Examines container) Wait didn't we have this second year?
Both: (consider the thought)
Me: WAIT?! Didn't you have this Freshman year?!!!
Barbara: Actually... I think Anjuli bought it....

Me: nerdy is cool
Kamali: nerdy guys are nice :D
Kamali: i'm pretty into the scrawny underfed look, personally

Kamali:"I take after myself!"

Barbara: "Normal people are so bizarre! I don't understand normal people"

"Eighteenth century mosh pit!!!" - us

"Are you ranching my metals book?" -Hailey